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"The report of my death was an exaggeration." *

I am pleased to announce that NJCL will be continuing under the auspices of Aalborg University. The Journal is one of the only academically based journals in the region that regularly publishes commercial law articles in English. The Journal will remain with double blind peer-review and has the aim to publish high quality, original contributions to the field of commercial law.
The Journal has in the almost 15 years since its conception enjoyed publishing contributions from prominent scholars especially in the fields of international contract and sales law. However, the journal welcomes contributions of an international or Nordic character from all authors. The change in the journal's management means that the lost tradition of publishing Commentaries, Reports, and Notes will be revived, giving in particular young researchers an opportunity to communicate their work to a wider international audience. The Journal will, as a new initiative, accept proposals for special issues and I am delighted to announce that the first special issue is in the pipeline and is due this summer. Special issues are limited in topic and give the opportunity to act as co-editor.
The next regular issue of NJCL is due December 2017 and submissions are already being accepted now. Proposals for special issues with a publication deadline of summer 2018 or later are welcomed. Be sure to read our call for papers and submission guidelines below.
Finally, it should be mentioned that we have chosen to discontinue the e-mail update service. Instead, NJCL is present on Facebook and LinkedIn, so be sure to subscribe to one of those services if you want to receive our updates and calls.
/ Thomas Neumann, PhD., LLM, editor@njcl.dk

(*) Mark Twain, in New York Journal 2 June 1897 according to Elizabeth Knowles (ed.) Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (7th ed. OUP 2009).

Call for papers!

The Nordic Journal of Commercial Law is calling for original contributions in the field of commercial law to be published in December 2017 or September 2018 (download call as PDF). Submissions should address commercial law issues of international, regional or domestic character and be relevant to one or more of the Nordic countries. Relevance may be demonstrated by the topic's general applicability to the Nordic commercial sector. All submissions must be in English and followed by a brief resume describing the author's academic qualifications and publication history. Submissions are made by e-mail to the secretariat (secretariat@njcl.dk). See the submission guidelines for details.

Acceptable topics include, but are not limited to, company law, corporate law, corporate governance, competition law (antitrust), consumer protection, contract law, dispute resolution, environmental law, intellectual property law, international trade law, labour law etc.

NJCL accept original proposals for the following categories:

  • Articles: Manuscripts ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 words, approximately 15-40 double-spaced pages, are preferred. A table of contents is recommended, especially for lengthy articles.
  • Commentaries and reports: Manuscripts for Reports, Comments and Notes should normally range from 900 to 2700 words in length, approximately 3-9 double-spaced pages.
  • Special issue proposals: Proposals designating one or more co-editors, an overarching theme, and an outline of specific contributions to be included in the special issue together with working titles of each contribution. A special issue should aim for minimum 5 contributions.



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